Nikon mirrorless in 2018?

Will 2018 be the year Nikon mirrorless finally becomes good?

There is a lot of speculation on the internet regarding lens mount, DX or FX and legacy compatibility through an adapter.

Looking at the Nikon 1 saga I personally am not very optimistic.

The FT1 adapter was £200 here in the UK when released. Everybody thought great we can use our F-mount lenses. Technically yes, but Nikon hobbled the auto focus so the adapter only used a single centre af point.

I bought the V1 thinking I might get into something decent. It’s still in use but the decent part went by the wayside. The V2 changed the body design to a mini dslr style. By the time the V3 came along they changed the style again and gave us a separate EVF. That wouldn’t have been too bad except the EVF used the only connection port. Anyone with the GP-N100 gps or a flash unit, couldn’t use it with the EVF.

I would really like to believe Nikon will produce a decent attempt at a mirrorless but given some dubious design decisions they made with recent models and the current indifference to the 1 series I have my doubts.

For all intents and purposes the 1 series is effectively discontinued. Not officially but practically. Unless it’s a bargain basement price I can’t see anyone getting into it now.

A recent post on this site considered whether more emphasis should be put on the lens design decisions rather than the bodies. There is heated debate on the internet regarding sticking with the F mount or using a new mount altogether.

A lot of people are speculating on what sort of adapter maybe offered. At the very least it should be fully compatible with current lenses. But at what point do you stop?  Is an adapter for Ai lenses necessary? Will any adapter(s) be fully compatible and reasonably priced?

Will all the hipsters with their 20, 30 or 40 year old lenses really be the  target market that needs satisfying? If people are keeping lenses that long are they going to spend that much money to help Nikon’s bottom line? I seriously doubt it.

While I don’t totally disagree with some level of legacy lens compatibility, it could be more beneficial to make any new mirrorless more connected.

Let’s sort out some problems

If it’s any problem that needs addressing with new cameras it must surely be workflow. People are using smartphones because for the most part they produce good enough images for the user. The sort of user who won’t need loads of pixels when viewing on a tablet or someone else’s phone. The user who doesn’t want to carry a bag load of gear. An user who connects, who can post a picture on their favourite social site in a couple of screen presses.

Why do camera manufacturers refuse to see this?

Is there any real difference between taking a SD card out of a camera than removing a roll of film? Both still require image processing using additional equipment.

Instead of building in ways to connect a camera, manufacturers leave them out. Or we have to use some sort of dongle. When even the cheapest smartphones have GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi  built in, why do cameras not?

Nikon have a great opportunity to really push boundaries with a mirrorless offering. Coming from behind they can see what the competition is.

They could offer features that aren’t available in that competition.

I guess we will find out if Nikon are going to take the conservative approach or look upon this as a chance to offer something different.

Something that solves problems for users rather creating them.

Proper compatibility through adapters. Decent methods of connection.  Decent software solutions.

And for goodness sake show some commitment …….. and publish a freakin’ ROADMAP 😀





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