Nikon mirrorless rumours ramping up

After a short break due to family commitments and a holiday where I was effectively off grid (yes that can happen in the UK😀) I’m back posting.

The Nikon  mirrorless rumours are ramping up with a potential announcement for the end of the month.

As with all rumour sites the comments manifest pure speculation into fact and as I said before there will be considerable room for disappointment.

If we believe current trending items the Nikon mirrorless offerings will be more upmarket than consumer orientated. Some are even thinking that Nikon may surrender the consumer end of things.

I’m not sure about that. People are forgetting the consumer end is where the volume comes from. Should Nikon reposition themselves in the higher end of the market only that would be a brave move.

Although if you go back around the 1980’s Nikon cameras were aimed more at professionals and journalists. Both in terms of price and specs. The consumer end being catered to by Canon, Minolta, Olympus and Pentax. The original big four. Nikon did release the cheaper  Nikon EM in 1979 with a range of more affordable, half a dozen or so E series lenses. Neither the EM or it’s E series lenses gained any traction against the competition.

I’m staying with my flapper™️

I’m not going to immediately trade in my flapper™️ DSLR for a mirrorless. I’ve already got a V1 that complements it. Unfortunately Nikon have and still remains officially quiet about the future of that system. That’s a shame, with many me included, lamenting what could have been.

Even with cargo shorts on in the recent hot weather, I could carry a body (V1) and the equivalent of 28-300mm focal lengths in my pockets. I think you could be hard pushed to try that with m4/3. A large battery means all day shooting is guaranteed, unless your a compulsive chimper seeking help for an addiction.

Lets hope that both Canon and Nikon offer some complementary models and we have even more choice at sensible prices.

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