Nikon finally kill the DL

Nikon finally kill the DL according to a press release. After such a long wait, the glimmer of hope is extinguished. The fixed lens (as in non interchangeable)  1″ sensor compact line is no more.

I didn’t really see that any of the DLs would have been my cup of tea. Comments on the gear forums suggest otherwise though, with a fair few people waiting for their release. Problem with forums is turning a speculative demand into hard sales. How many of those people saying they will buy, will buy?

On top of that Nikon also release some pretty grim financials. Looks like some major restructuring is coming. It will take time for the dust to settle. So don’t expect a quick fix.

Back to the past?

Years ago Nikon were positioned above the then main four companies. In the film days Canon, Olympus, Pentax and Minolta all sold to the masses. Nikon was effectively used by photo journalists and professionals. Both price wise and in specification. The town I grew up in was large enough to support four dedicated camera shops. At least until the onset of digital cameras and internet shopping. None of us kept Nikon in stock back then. They were ‘above’ mainstream. Wonder if they will try to recreate those long gone glory days? Give up on the race to the bottom consumer end and concentrate on the high end. Smaller volume, reduced product range, higher profit margins. Problem with that is can they afford to abandon the consumer volume sales?

So where does this leave those of us using the Nikon 1 line? The J5 seems to be doing OK but the rest of the line is still lacking love. If Nikon think that the DL will not return the profit they want, I can’t see the 1 series doing much. I think they might put the 1 series out to grass, concentrating on more profitable models like high end DX and  a range of FX cameras.

If Nikon do go for a reposition in the market there could be a knock on effect with other manufacturers. Some may gain, some may lose.

Nikon seem to be hurting at the moment…….. it cant just be them. Surely?


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