Nikon at Photokina

Nikon at Photokina hasn’t exactly set the world on fire. Three Keymission cameras that have to go head to head with some new GoPro releases.

Not sure what people were expecting from Nikon though. Seems whatever they do or release someone is not happy. Some of the criticism is self inflicted and some perhaps unwarranted. Unfortunately for camera manufacturers it would appear the iterative update no longer cuts it.

Taking a step back, if you were a decision maker at one of the big players what would you do? Despite personal preferences for this and that how would you decide what should be done globally? How (what) would you release to stem a downturn in a declining market?

Fuji seem to have an idea – lets release a medium format camera and roadmap some lenses for it. Nice move, small segment though. At least we know what’s on offer. Hasselblad have similar thoughts.

What I find interesting is Fuji are promoting two different formats. APS-C and their medium format. They don’t seem bothered with full frame. Personally I think APS-C (DX for Nikon users) is a sweet spot not really being exploited at the moment. Nikon wanted you to go full frame. They are neglecting their DX lenses – unless you count numerous similar consumer zooms. Then Nikon come out with a D500. Hang on a minute that is DX isn’t it? So do they want you to buy DX after all that stuff about going full frame or what? Mixed messages Nikon. Don’t even get me started on the 1 series. If Nikon haven’t killed it they must be thinking about switching off the life support.

Do we know what we want?

So while manufacturers are providing a range of formats and body styles they still don’t seem to be providing exactly what we want. Even I’m not sure what we want any more. On a recent day out I spotted a person using a large Canon DSLR. Couldn’t see the model, but it was certainly bigger than my Nikon DX body. I’ve got nothing against Canon users but this particular one was taking pictures using the screen on the back of the camera. Over the space of a half hour or so the aforementioned person didn’t use the viewfinder once. Why get a DSLR and then use it like a smartphone? There are plenty of cameras without an OVF or EVF. Personally I like a viewfinder. If I don’t want a finder I’ll get my phone out 🙂

Micro sim and micro sd cards

Micro sim and micro sd cards

You can see why people prefer use smartphones for photography. Size, convenience, connectivity. I managed to get some decent captures on my Nikon. My wife got some good images too. On her phone. And shared them. Before we got back in the car. Sharing images from my camera is a little harder.

Would a DSLR (or mirrorless) with mobile phone connectivity (and ease of sharing) be something to get people excited about cameras. Instead of dual sd card slots how about a sim card slot? How about micro sd card and micro sim.

Switch on the ‘mobile’ aspect of the camera use the touchscreen on the back. Share the images to wherever or save to cloud. Turn off ‘mobile’ function to save the battery. Ditto GPS. Dare I go so far as to say basic tagging as well?

We’ve built cameras into phones for a while now. For a while I been joking that we should build phones into cameras……….but what do I know 🙂


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