Is the Nikon 1 series discontinued?

Is the Nikon 1 series discontinued? According to one German photography website it is, or more accurately Nikon have stopped production.

I wrote a post here in March 2016 about the potential demise of the Nikon 1 system. There is a similar one here six months later. Here we are again.

All Nikon 1 owners will now be waiting for an official announcement. Although given the total lack of interest displayed by Nikon recently regarding the 1 system it may not be a surprise.

I was reluctant to spend any more money on my 1 collection. Not knowing what was going to happen with a V4 kept my wallet firmly in my pocket. Probably did the same for other users as well.

The 1 series never really knew where it was going, or who it was for. I think there was a lot of potential but for Nikon it was too little, too late. Did the project team move to the DL? Has put the lights out in the CX division and left it? Or moved it to the basement and forgot about it 🙂

I’ll carry on using my equipment for as long as I can however I definitely won’t be spending any more on it. Hopefully it will last long enough for the dust to settle and to figure out where I should go next. In terms of size and weight the m43 systems have got to be contenders. There is a good range of body styles and lenses to choose from. And more than one manufacturer.

While we could have a rant about what Nikon should have done with the 1 series, there doesn’t seem much point. Officially discontinued or not, I can’t see anyone looking seriously at the system. Unless it fills a specific niche you have.

So for now until Nikon confirm either way, we are in the same place.

Limbo. Still.

Please Nikon, put us out of our misery.

Nikon 1 RIP? Maybe, maybe not



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