Nikon 1 mirrorless officially discontinued

Nikon 1 mirrorless is officially discontinued reports Nikonrumors. Well technically the cameras are listed as discontinued on the Nikon Japan website without as yet, an official announcement.

It is almost a year ago since  I wrote a similar article here.

It’s a shame Nikon didn’t have the kuhunas to say something. They just left it to the point of embarrassing. You can imagine it became the elephant in the room during management meetings.

I hope that the new mirrorless cameras will not be treated with the same contempt. It would be good if lessons were learnt and Nikon publishes a lens road map at the very least. Will they? Anyone’s guess,  but based on past experience it probably won’t happen.

I’ll continue to use my Nikon 1 gear until it fails and then think about options. Secondhand asking prices in the UK  have gone up since the beginning of the year. Will they carry on going up or drop like a stone? Will even less people be interested?

Well at least we know now….


Nikon 1 V1

Nikon 1 V1


Edit: dpreview reports they have had confirmation from Nikon Inc that the 1 system is no longer in production.

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