New toys

New toys  are being announced in the photography world.

First we have Nikon with their D850. Initial impressions suggest this will go down well.  Although there is slight annoyance at the asking price in different parts of the world. It seems the USA are getting the best deal at the expense of Europe and Australia. Other than that the D850 could well be a winner for Nikon.

In the Olympus world we have the pending announcement of the OMD EM 10 mk iii. This on the face of it, appears to be a somewhat lack lustre incremental upgrade to the mk ii. See, it isn’t just Nikon that gets criticism for so so upgrades 😀

I am intrigued to see what Fuji do with their upcoming XE-3. This might rekindle my interest in Fuji. I quite like the XE form factor, although I understand Fuji took some persuading to do the XE-3.  I  still think  Fuji ask a premium for their gear.

Speaking of overpriced, Apple might release not one, not two, but three new iPhones in September. There could be a new iPhone 7s, 7s plus and an iPhone 8. The 8 could be pushing the $1000 dollar mark.  Speculation on the UK pricing putting it it the same region as the Samsung Note 8, around £870 pound. That’s a lot of money for a phone, pushing £50 a month on contract. I thought phones were getting expensive when they hit £35-40 a month.

You up for anything?

I’m not in the market for the D850.

I was hoping the OMD EM 10 mk iii could be something I would look at, not sure at the moment though.

The XE-3? Perhaps, depending on connectivity ( Am I the only person who wants a dedicated GPS, from Fuji? ) but I can’t help thinking the price could put me off.

My better half might take a peek at the iPhone 7s. If they don’t do a purple version I can’t guarantee anything though 😉.

Whichever way you look at it there are some new toys coming, whatever your into, have fun.


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