Lydney Docks

Whilst out for a drive I passed an unassuming little sign for – Lydney Docks – at, unsurprisingly, Lydney in Gloucestershire.

Now I have passed this sign I don’t know how many times, but this time it was different. This time I was going to explore. I had a camera with me as always. The bag, hat and whip were sadly at home. (Indiana Jones reference for those that didn’t get it) :)

Anyhooww…. The road to the harbour ends in a smallish free parking area.

If you are a Blue Badge holder with a ‘Radar’ key you can open the barrier and park a bit closer to the front of the harbour.

The middle lock gate is also wheelchair accessible allowing access to the other side of the harbour.

I had the place more or less to myself, aside from a couple of people walking dogs. One advantage of going on a cold but dry January morning. I would imagine when it’s warm it would be a different story. Note to self: return in summer to find out.

There looks to be good views out across the River Severn. Unfortunately it was pretty poor visibility on the day in question. One disadvantage of going in January.

There were more than enough opportunities for a bit of photography and I managed to add another section to my 12 Pics series.

I will return at some stage with food and drink and maybe even use the picnic area.


Information correct when posted.

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