Looking a bit bare

Looking a bit bare…. is how I would describe the local nature reserve.

Instead of posting about gear – I actually did a gear post and took it down again – I thought I would post about how different the local nature reserve looks before spring comes.

Stream and sparse undergrowth

Looking out from the bridge

You can’t normally see across here due to the vegetation.

Opposite view to above

Once all this has grown back I will take some comparsion views. Later in the year these two areas will become a hive of insect activity and in due course home to damselflies and dragonflies.

right angled tree branch leading to spiral pattern

Is there a photo here?

I’m sure there is a photo here but I haven’t found it yet. I normally try to work the scene but currently a decent image evades me.

For a final shot we have Woody doing his thing:

Here’s to getting a bit further a field in due course.

Stay safe.

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