Just take photos

Just take photos

I’m actually on holiday at the moment. A non photographic holiday. But just like a kid in a sweet shop the photography part of my brain is always on.

So while wondering around the resort and getting sunburnt on the beach it is only natural that I notice what image devices people are using. No real surprises that handheld devices (smartphones and tablets) easily out number cameras. In fact i’ve only seen three dslrs so far. Yes they were on the beach.

Most people are more than happy using their phones and tablets and doing something cameras can’t do…..share instantly. For comparison heres a sample workflow:

Me: Take picture on camera. Transfer to tablet either by bluetooth or physical micro sdcard. Load images into photo editor. Share.

Wife: Take picture. Share.

It is a lot simpler using a phone to share your images. This is something camera manufacturers need to come to terms with. The days of one device doing one thing are well and truly over. And they need to grasp that. Quickly.

Should we care who is using what to produce an image? No. Of course not. In the end it doesn’t matter. I dont know why people are so fixated with who shot what, on what, and with what setting. Do I need to know that some guys great looking kingfisher image was taken on 6 grands worth of kit? Would it still be good using a grands worth of gear? 10 grand? a smartphone even?

Does anyone look at the Mona Lisa or a Monet and wonder what make of brush or paint or canvas was used? We worry too much about the wrong things. Perhaps instead of thinking about the technicalities we should think about how tomorrows weather will affect photo opportunities.


Printed photos don’t contain any exif data. They don’t have the make of camera on them. A few might have a date stamp (30 years ago a data back for a film camera did no more than put the date on the film) Does it detract from the photo? Does it make our memories of the scene any less real or important? I recently sorted through some family prints and not once did I think what was that taken on. It didn’t matter and wasn’t important. Looking at those prints still invoked memories (my wife will say that is no easy task 🙂 ).

There are a lot of non professional people spending a lot of money amassing photo gear and worrying too much about the technical side of things.

Make some memories.

Get out and take some pictures, take the kids or significant other (or both) somewhere different. Stop in the pub on the way home for a meal. Or one of my personal favourites – pie and chips by the beach. You get the idea. Make some memories. It doesn’t matter how you do it or what you use. In 5, 10, 20 years time that place, person or event is going to be more important than what camera, lens or fstop you used to capture it.

Just take photos.



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