Is the end in sight?

Is the end in sight? The end to lockdown that is. There are some quite confusing reports in the media regarding this, but there is also the implication that we (in the UK) could look at a potential relaxing of the rules.

I’m sure everyone would welcome less restrictions. What form that will take is anyone’s  guess at the moment.

[Cue visual break]

It will be nice to get out and about again. One thing we miss is popping out for a drive and hopefully taking some pictures as well. That comes a close second to seeing the kids. While grateful of the ability to FaceTime is not quite the same.

The new normal in whatever form it may take should allow for some photography. I will be a bit rusty though. There’s only so many macro shots you can take in the garden before you lose the will to press the shutter.

While we wait in anxious anticipation let’s be sensible when we get the chance to go out. The risks won’t have totally disappeared just lessened somewhat.

We are looking forward to enjoying a holiday in a few months. It was booked last year when Coronavirus wasn’t a word you heard. Little did any of us realise the far reaching effects it would have on so many people.

If you have a getaway your looking forward to I hope you still manage to enjoy it.

Whenever it may happen and whatever form it takes for now here’s to lifting the lockdown.

Stay safe.

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