I’m trying an experiment

My experiment will be whether I can use my smartphone exclusively for a month to take photos.

Over the years I have been nagged advised by wife that I carry a lot of photographic gear around. I don’t but that’s an argument for another time. Anyway to lighten the load I have decided to only use my phone for a month.

We go on about how cameras have changed from the film days but we don’t always reminisce about phones. When I grew up we didn’t have a phone in the house. I used to have to go down the road and use the thing in the big red box. With some change. Sometimes there was even a queue.

Eventually mobile phones started to weave their way into our lives and then became mainstream. Although the first ones were the size of a house brick, and not far off in weight.  Technology marched on unabated and we got to where we are today. A minor little miracle in our hands with more computing power than my first desktop PC(and more memory).

smartphone camera

Is a smartphone camera real?

But photographically a smartphone camera is in some quarters still not regarded as a real camera.

Newsflash…mine is real. It exists, I can hold it in my hand and it is not a figment of my imagination. So YES they are real! I can take real pictures with it. On my computer monitor they even look the same as an image taken on my DSLR. How can that not be real?

Smartphones do have advantages (and drawbacks) over other forms of cameras. But we have a choice of what we use, how and when. If you want to use a mirrorless or DSLR or smartphone then why shouldn’t you?

They still don’t get sharing

My phone has Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth built in. I can share or transfer images a lot easier than on my camera. I still have trouble getting my head around why camera manufacturers make this so difficult. The technology has been around in phones for a while. Yet many camera manufacturers have not adopted it. Fujifilm seem to be doing a lot of things right. They get praise from the photographic press and photographers alike. Do any of their cameras have GPS? Not that I am aware of. Please don’t say use your  phone as a logger and match them up in post. Have you ever tried that? I have. I didn’t find it satisfactory at all.

Anyway for some people just using a phone for photography may not work. For others it’s all they use.

I’m going to see how  the experiment works for me. It might work. It might not.

But I am thankful I have choice.


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