Helicopter Heaven

You would have needed to be living under a rock in South Wales lately to miss all the helicopter activity taking place as part of a massive military exercise – Joint Warrior – over the last week or so. We have had Apache attack, Lynx multi purpose and Chinook support helicopters flying around (and that’s just what I’ve managed to see).

This Helicopter Heaven (yes I like helicopters 🙂 ) resulted in a bit of  practice on the aircraft photography front. The last time I photographed aircraft was quite a few years ago so to say I was a bit rusty is putting it mildly.

I managed to get a few decent images.

RAF Lynx

RAF Lynx


With helicopters it’s a close call between blurring the rotor blades – so they don’t look like there going to fall out of the sky – and maintaining a fast enough shutter speed to have a sharp photo. Normally a reasonable technique would be to pan with the aircraft but from my vantage point I was limited in this respect.

It is surprising how fast these things can move, especially when they are close to the ground and your trying to photograph them.


RAF Chinook


Even the double rotor Chinook can get a good speed up when you trying to snap it.


While we watch these aircraft flying to and fro, let’s not forget the all the military personnel taking part in this exercise and serving in our armed forces.


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