Easter is here

In the UK Easter is on top of us and the children are home for their school / college break.

The flowers are starting to bloom, trees are getting their leaves and everything just feels fresher. We have had a couple of really hot sunny days, the weather now back to more normal temperatures together with a generous helping of clouds.

As photographers we never really seem to be happy. The light is not quite right, there are too many clouds / no clouds (delete as required), there are too many tourists in the shot.

It’s just not the weather that irks us either. Camera manufacturers are trying to stop declining sales. They can’t seem to set a foot right. There must be very few photographers who actually, really need what is being demanded from these companies. For most people I think it is probably a bad attack of GAS. For some reason a lot of people expect meaningful updates in their gear on a more regular basis than a smartphone.

I have seriously cut down on how frequently I visit ‘gear’ sites. Mainly because I’m not in the market for anything. Plus the fact that the more I read the less inclined I am to spend the money on something that in all probability won’t actually improve my photography.

However you spend you Easter can I encourage to get out and use the gear you have. That way at least you will know if can’t do anything with your current set up rather than just think you need something new.

Enjoy your Easter.

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