Change your angle

To get a different view of things why not change your angle.

On my latest local reserve walk I came across a couple of subjects that benefitted from an odd angle.

This veritable little forest was actually growing on top of a fence post that was only about four inches across. It looks like it’s ready to entwine anything that gets too close.

Talking of which, have a look at this:

You can just imagine something coming out of the middle of this, a bit like in the Alien movies. What do you mean you haven’t seen them? – Perhaps I watch too many movies🤔

Anyway, by changing the way we look at things we quite often see something differently. This doesn’t just apply to photographic subjects though.

Sometimes we need to change the way we look at other people and other situations.

In respect of the former I’ll leave you this little snippet of wisdom:

If you can’t change the people around you, change the people around you.


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