Brexit aftermath and photography

The Brexit aftermath and photography.

No one is really sure what is going to happen in the Brexit aftermath. The United Kingdom would appear not to be quite as united as a few weeks ago. The sensationalism of the media isn’t really helping. We will have a new Prime Minister in a couple of days and the economic fallout dust has yet to settle. There are even rumours of trying to over turn the referendum result. I thought in a democracy the most votes won. Some will like it, some won’t ( I know call me old fashioned 🙂 ).

While this might affect our jobs, mortgages, lifestyle and pensions, it would appear us photographers manage to only worry about one thing. How it will impact the price of equipment.

Equipment that the majority of us probably has little intention of buying in the short term. Really you have to get that GAS treated 😉  Early indications suggest that prices could rise 10- 15%. The cynical among us might just say that Brexit could be used as an excuse to hike prices anyway. No doubt exchange rates and the falling pound will get the blame.

Will it get worse?

The underlying problem could be more serious though. Most data implies camera sales are in decline. Manufacturers are having trouble as it is therefore do they really want to hike prices at a time like this? If people aren’t buying cameras, there will be less demand for lenses, bags, cards, accessories etc. That could result in less footfall in shops or reduced sales online.

All this coming close to the schools finishing for the six week summer break with people thinking of going on their family holidays and having some time off work.

I wonder what I will be writing in six weeks time?

As you get ready for summer remember that this is new for all of us …… wherever you are going, whatever you are doing, enjoy your break.

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