Belated Happy New Year

A belated Happy New Year to everyone.

I hope your end of year celebrations went as planned. We had a busy start to the year, some personal and website issues needed sorting and I think were now back on track.

This year I hope to indulge in more macro photography, we will see how that goes.

The camera manufacturers won’t want to hear this but…. I can’t really see me making any big purchases in 2017. I’m not replacing any bodies (unless something unforeseen happens) and the same probably goes for the lenses. What I have does the job for now. Although I don’t consider myself a gear head I might do an article on my current gear bag soon. For the time being I have other things to spend the hard earned on.

Anniversary year.

I will be watching to see how Nikon celebrates its 100th Anniversary. Some are hoping for a new model or two maybe even a mirrorless DX or FX. On Nikons past experience they are probably trying to figure out how to release a mirrorless without losing sales of their other models. Perhaps they will surprise us, more likely they will do the  same old, same old.

If you added to your equipment list most of all don’t forget to get out and use it.

Sometimes the period after Christmas into the New Year can be a bit …. meh.

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