Are photographers an unhappy bunch?

Are photographers an unhappy bunch?

A quick scan through the forums and rumour sites might suggest so.

No matter what the manufacturers produce in a body or lenses or even a system someone is not happy.

We have more choice of equipment at different price points than we have ever had. We have better technology available in the bodies. We have better technology designing lenses. Whilst I still think prices are nudging up slowly, for the best part we have very good value for money. The fact that people can own two or three systems at the hobby level would suggest price isn’t a limiting factor.

It would suggest people are looking for something that one system doesn’t provide, thus back to being unhappy in some way.

So is it quality, weight, size, features, or a combination? Or even something else?
A limit on weight and size will compromise quality. You are not (yet) going to get Nikon D810 quality in something the size of the V1. Physics will tell you that. A full frame sensor will not fit in something made for a 1” sensor. It’s not just about sensor size though. You have the supporting electronics and a battery, the optics.

I could go on but you get the idea.

I think the problem is that a lot of photographers have lost sight of what they actually NEED in a camera. They look at a make or type of camera and decide that it has one feature (probably not used that often) that their current gear hasn’t got. This then puts them in a downward spiral of depression until they realise they need some GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) to relieve their symptoms. Unfortunately the relief is generally, at best, temporary.
Someone will release a new model with an extra function button you just have to have.

Are we ever going to get the ideal camera? In a word. No. There are too many variables involved. What is going to be acceptable for one will not be acceptable to another. After all we are human. On the brighter side it means we will continue to have a choice and that’s not a bad thing.

Is there a cure for this inherent unhappiness in us togs?

I don’t know. For me, if there is something that results in me missing shots then I will have to decide if it’s me or the gear (probably the former more than the latter). If the latter then it is a question of :

how much do I spend to overcome the issue  /   is it really worth it

Meanwhile rather than look for the feature that is missing lets all look for the next photo.

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