Anger, anger everywhere

Not exactly anger, but after a somewhat frustrating swop of hosting provider, which is now sorted, you might have a noticed a slight change.

I took the opportunity to change the site name as well. A redirect takes care of anyone visiting the old address.

Now I didn’t get angry during the changes but I was pulling out what little hair I had left. What should have been a relatively straightforward change wasn’t that easy to accomplish.

Unlike other people on the internet who do seem to be displaying a lot of anger…

On one forum a group are angry that a certain manufacturer are not listening to them. To be fair other manufacturers are also in the firing line for this. Now I’m not sure why these people think that these manufacturers are reading forums and ‘listening to their customers’. For one thing if I was running a company I would’nt have the time. For another people seem to forget that these companies are global. They make gear for a global market. Sorry if this offends Americans or any other group who think their geographical location should be the only one taken into consideration when making marketing and design decisions. It would be interesting to see how those criticising would cope themselves.

Adobe also managed to incur the anger of a few people on the internet. They are unsurprisingly trying to shift their customers to a subscription model for their software. With such comments as ‘renting software’ and ‘being held captive’. Analysis of the pricing structure doesn’t really give a definitive answer as to what is best value. As in most cases value is relative and can mean different things to different people.

What is interesting is those complaining about the ‘rental’ model probably already have a similar agreement in place. With their mobile phone. Most of us have a mobile contract. Is that so different from renting? How about a Netflix subscription? A PCP contract on a car? These are contracts entered into which effectively mean you don’t own the end product (unless in the case of the car you make a baloon payment, most don’t and carry on paying for a new car). In the case of the phone your going to get a new one when your 24 month contract is up…right?

So why do we accept a ‘rental’ agreement for things with a physical element but get angry at a similar model for software?

Are we actually getting angry or just ‘venting’ ? Traditional models of business are changing and so is the way consumers buy things. Internet shopping with next or even same day delivery is now available. We get angry if we have to wait a week or two for delivery these days.

So I’m thinking that just like fake news, a lot of this anger is fake too. At least I hope it is. In the western world we have a lot to be thankful for.

Getting angry over subscription services (we don’t have to sign up for them) or people not listening (why would a company operating globally listen to some bloke on a internet forum)  should be the least of our concerns….

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