In 1999 after shooting film for almost two decades, I embraced digital photography with a one megapixel Kodak digital camera, the DC200. Someone I worked with showed me one. I was hooked. No space consuming darkroom and nasty chemicals required. Instead of feeling like a mole, I swapped the darkroom for a computer. Maybe not everyone’s choice but it worked or me.

Kodak DC200

Kodak DC200

Nikon D70

Nikon D70

By 2004 I acquired my first DSLR, a Nikon D70. Both cameras are still in working order and kept for sentimental reasons. The D70 can still produce acceptable results. The DC200 not so much.

Does gear matter?

What and how I shoot and use the end images is different to the next person. What works for my photography may not work for you and vice versa. I take pictures for the fun and enjoyment of being out and about.

Images on this site have been taken with a range of older bodies from 10-26mp, with sensor sizes from 1” to APS-C and several smartphones. I don’t print big and therefore have never felt I needed a full frame digital setup.

Everything is a compromise. We are blessed with a wide range of gear today, you just need to figure what does or doesn’t work for you. For instance, you might be happy carrying a load of gear around or (like me) you decide you want to carry the bare minimum.

There are certainly situations where specialist (and expensive) gear will make getting a good image easier. If your an amateur though, is the gear the limiting factor?


I have more fun going out to take photos than worrying about gear.

Get in the zone and all your worries float away. Combine it with a day out in some nice countryside [insert your preferred location]  with some lunch  (bait, scran, munchies) and take in your surroundings while having a rest. You’ll feel better for it. Trust me. If the light isn’t quite right, think of it as a scouting trip. Visit again when it’s better weather and or light. Getting a great image is the icing on the cake.

Whatever equipment you use, wherever you go to capture images – have fun and enjoy yourself.


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