Hello and welcome to TMMA Photography, featuring images taken on crop sensor cameras and smartphones. This is a personal hobbyist website. It features my take on macro, landscape, wildlife and some more general images.

All the pictures on this site are organised into Albums. The 12 Pics series contains a set of a dozen images on a subject or location including Skara Brae in Orkney, Welsh Castles, Rome and Pisa. The macro album features a variety of pictures including dragonflies, bees  and flowers. In addition we have Landscapes , from the UK plus a wildlife and lucky dip album. Eyes Down embraces a range of photos  by my son who has Down Syndrome.

In the Blog I reflect on photography, locations and life in general.

Covid 19
Current lockdown regulations  seem to be changing almost daily. If you are travelling, it might be worth checking any restrictions at your chosen destination.

In the UK bear in mind there could be local lockdowns and different rules could apply in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.