What a week

What a week weather wise. Here in the UK we apparently have broken two records this week. We’ve had both the hottest February day and hottest winter day. We’re now told to expect snow although arguably that’s a bit more normal for the time of year. In fact last February we were battling the ‘beast from the east’ with people unable to get out of their houses. We couldn’t get up the road for a couple of days and actually got off quite light.

The gloriously warm unseasonal weather meant a visit to the local nature reserve was mandatory. It would have been rude not too.

Are these normally around in February?
Woodpecker on tree
Here’s Woody

The bird feeding station provides opportunties to capture a variety of our feathered friends. I normally spend a few minutes to watch whats going on. Take Woody above, when visiting he would approach from the left and land as pictured. Every so often he would go for the nuts in the feeder before returning here, then flying off.

Blue tit on feeder
At the feeder, but is this natural?

It’s Thursday now and the weather is dull, 10 degrees colder, overcast with terrible light for photography. A total contrast to a couple of days ago.

Anything else?

If I’m to continue taking photographs of birds I need to either find a longer lens or larger birds. Using my DX crop body with a 70-300m zoom I have an equivalent of 450mm focal length. On my CX body (Nikon V1) that goes up to a staggering 810mm. Is that long enough? No.

It’s never long enough.

I’ll admit its an odd way of getting to an 800mm focal length but is does take advantage of the Nikon V1s crop factor. Two plus points of that are size and cost. I could never afford anything like that for full frame. Even if I could I’m not sure I would be motivated enough to carry the bulk and weight. The downside of CX and the 1” sensor is you really need good light especially with a 300mm zoom.

The DX does a bit better, but taking pictures of small birds with a 450mm equivalent lens isn’t ideal either. It’s too short for the type of shots above. Hence my comment about finding larger birds.

So even though it is February I had some fun filled hours out in the warm sunshine taking photos.

And that’s not something I normally say at this time of year.

Camera/lens: Nikon 1 V1, FT-1 adapter, Nikon 70-300mm AF-P DX VR.