A celebration

We recently had a chance to attend a celebration of two people committing to spend the rest of there lives together. Or in other words a wedding. Now I might of mentioned before that I enjoy a wedding. There is something special about standing up in front of friends and family and declaring your love […]

The wedding day

Following on from a previous post… Mobile phone photography at a wedding. We were recently invited to a friends wedding. Now I quite like weddings. There is something almost magical about them. The opportunity to dress up (this one was in Scotland, so kilts were order of the day), but more importantly the chance to […]

Are wedding photographers an endangered species too?

Are wedding photographers an endangered species too? An article popped up on a website alluding to the fact that professionally photographed weddings may be starting to decline. Out of 1000 people who responded to a survey, one in three are not going to hire a professional ‘tog instead, relying on family and friends. A further […]