A celebration

We recently had a chance to attend a celebration of two people committing to spend the rest of there lives together. Or in other words a wedding. Now I might of mentioned before that I enjoy a wedding. There is something special about standing up in front of friends and family and declaring your love […]

Fuji film won’t go full frame

Several websites have reported that Fujifilm won’t go full frame. Apparently the news has come about after Photokina. I hope they stick to that philosophy. I tried Fujifilm for a while with an XE-1 and the 18-55 lens. It wasn’t too bad but for various reasons I ended up selling it and the 50-230 XC […]

Will DX become the new CX?

It took Nikon three years to kill off the 1 series, so will DX become the new CX? Nikon released their last 1 series camera in 2015. This year after all the speculation Nikon 1 owners were finally put out of their misery with the officially discontinued announcement. The lack of love for CX lenses […]

It’s bananas I tell ya!

It’s bananas…. Here in the UK, Tesco managed to get them themselves some free publicity on the BBC news website over bananas. Apparently their inner city stores (due to increased rents) are now charging by the banana rather than weight. Effectively this means the price of said bananas has increased from between 10 and 15p […]

Nikon Y series

Nikon Y series to be released early next year (from an unconfirmed source). It would appear Nikon are on a roll at the moment. Hot on the heels of the Z series cameras and lenses, a new source hints at the early 2019 release of the next new Nikon mirrorless – the Y series. Rumored […]

Nikon full frame mirrorless released

Nikon full frame mirrorless released… and for some it is disappointing. Well that was always going to happen. You just can’t please everyone. Initial disparaging comments seem to centre around the lack of a second card slot. I have mixed feelings about this. If Nikon are aiming at the enthusiast market I am not sure […]

I’m bored with the Nikon teasers

I’m bored with the Nikon teasers now……. For the gear heads there’s lots of excitement building, we are getting a reasonable idea of the looks and the big question on everyone’s mind…where will they go with that huge mount? It now clear that Nikon will release two cameras and three lenses later this month. If the […]

Nikon mirrorless rumours ramping up

After a short break due to family commitments and a holiday where I was effectively off grid (yes that can happen in the UK😀) I’m back posting. The Nikon  mirrorless rumours are ramping up with a potential announcement for the end of the month. As with all rumour sites the comments manifest pure speculation into […]

Where are Nikon and Canon aiming?

Where are Nikon and Canon aiming? High end mirrorless, high price, low volume or will they go the other way and have a low price high volume offering? Putting aside the lens mount argument (which is already decided we just don’t know what it is yet), another decision to make is which end of the […]

What’s happened to Nikon mirrorless?

What’s happened to Nikon mirrorless? Officially the Nikon 1 system is still going. Nikon fans are eagerly awaiting a new DX or FX mirrorless with no real idea of when it’s coming or what style or price it will be. The potential for disappointment here is staggering. Unless you have the memory of a goldfish […]

Nikon mirrorless

Nikon are going to release a mirrorless camera an official announcement claims. Although rather vague we could speculate exactly what that means. We could also take a stab at a timescale. It might be clever marketing to delay those thinking about jumping ship. But there is a more important issue than the time scale or […]