Life gets in the way

Life gets in the way….. of all sorts of things. But just recently it’s got in the way of my ability to take photos. Now don’t get me wrong, I consider myself extremely fortunate and this is in a photographic context. Ive done a lot less photography in the last couple of months than I would of liked. There are two reasons for that. 1. The weather and more importantly 2. My disabled son.

Normally he’s not too much trouble and to be fair it hasn’t been his fault. He has a happy innocent outlook on life. He has also been blessed with a gift of making people smile wherever he goes.

We’ve been trying to arrange a supported living placement for him. Unfortunately it fell through at the last minute and we had to revise our plans. As did those who were trying to help us. As any carer or parent of someone with a disability will tell you, at times it can be incredibly frustrating. Not to be too negative, it is also very rewarding and you get to meet some amazing people along the way.

Due to all the commotion I didn’t really feel in the right frame of mind to go out and take photos. The December weather didn’t help much either.

Anyway… things now look like there back on track, thankfully. Hopefully my son can start the next exciting chapter in his life. Meeting new people and having new experiences.

Yes life gets in the way sometimes. But if it didn’t would we feel the same when we have the ability to go out on adventures, hikes or drives and take some photos? Would we still appreciate the scenes before us, even if it is raining? Perhaps not.

Photography for me is not just a hobby. It’s a chance to see different places, maybe meet some new people. Forget about the world for a while when your in the zone. It’s a therapy.

Whatever you are doing and wherever you are may you have a happy Christmas and good light for 2019.


Strong, stable

Strong, stable – that was the election message from the Conservatives in the recent election campaign. The PM took a gamble. While still in power it didn’t yield the expected result.

For a lot of people this weeks UK general election result wasn’t what they were hoping for either.

OK enough about politics, what has this got to do with photography?

Well…. ever thought that expensive new body or lens would improve your photography?

We’ve all been there. If only I had ‘x’ body or ‘y’ lens. My images would be so much better. I’m not talking about working professionals here. They generally know what they need and have a means to pay for it, by having chargeable customers. For professionals that new body or lens is a tool to do a job. No more. No less. It is like a plumber having a certain spanner or electrician a certain test meter.

I’m talking about the amateur / enthusiast with a high dose of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and possibly GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) as well.

So when you buy this inspiring (probably expensive) bit of kit did you get the expected result?

Sometimes were better off with what we already have.

That goes for gear, pre-election majorities and life.

Trouble is we just don’t realise it at the time…..