Just for the sake of it

Have you ever done anything just for the sake of it? At this time of year photography opportunities are limited. Either by weather or poor light. This tends to make me spend a bit more time at a keyboard and screen. That leads onto me looking at the design of the TMMA website. Anybody that […]

Life gets in the way

Life gets in the way….. of all sorts of things. But just recently it’s got in the way of my ability to take photos. Now don’t get me wrong, I consider myself extremely fortunate and this is in a photographic context. Ive done a lot less photography in the last couple of months than I would […]

Strong, stable

Strong, stable – that was the election message from the Conservatives in the recent election campaign. The PM took a gamble. While still in power it didn’t yield the expected result. For a lot of people this weeks UK general election result wasn’t what they were hoping for either. OK enough about politics, what has […]