Is 2019 going to be your year of gear?

Happy New Year to you! To start off I have a question: Is 2019 going to your year of gear? Now I’ve stated numerous times I’m not against acquiring new gear. For me it has to have a definite purpose, add something you don’t already have and for bonus points be good value. So here […]

It’s a balancing act

It’s a balancing act these days. My new found interest in Astrophotography has resulted in a new found interest in the weather. Keeping an eye out for clear nights is now something I do more often. The balancing bit comes in with fitting the odd clear night around family commitments. According to the weather forecast […]

Where will Nikon stop?

Where will Nikon stop? With the 1 series and the Keymission discontinued will Nikon stop there or is a bigger repositioning coming? No this isn’t about their new mirrorless camera and teaser campaign. Nikon as well as other manufacturers have stated they want to sell more higher value items. It would appear the consensus is […]

New toys

New toys  are being announced in the photography world. First we have Nikon with their D850. Initial impressions suggest this will go down well.  Although there is slight annoyance at the asking price in different parts of the world. It seems the USA are getting the best deal at the expense of Europe and Australia. […]

It’s not just about gear or photos

It’s not just about gear or photos. Make it about the subject or the experience of just going out. I recently met some interesting and friendly people during my outdoor photo sessions.   A couple who had just moved to the area were paying their first visit to the local nature reserve. We were talking […]

Easter is here

In the UK Easter is on top of us and the children are home for their school / college break. The flowers are starting to bloom, trees are getting their leaves and everything just feels fresher. We have had a couple of really hot sunny days, the weather now back to more normal temperatures together […]

Don’t forget a backup. You just might need it.

Backup. Don’t forget a backup. We’ve all heard it. Many times. Backup memory cards, batteries, bodies. When you get home backup your images. At least once. But how often do we heed the advice. I nearly always carry spare cards and batteries but a body? Generally unless I’m on a client shoot I don’t always […]

Photography and minimalism

I don’t know why but recently I am reading a lot about minimalism. There appears to be a multitude of ways on how to go about living with less. Some say get rid of everything except the essential and most precious items. You could even consider downsizing your house. Because it’s almost empty now, right?  […]

Belated Happy New Year

A belated Happy New Year to everyone. I hope your end of year celebrations went as planned. We had a busy start to the year, some personal and website issues needed sorting and I think were now back on track. This year I hope to indulge in more macro photography, we will see how that […]