It’s bananas I tell ya!

It’s bananas…. Here in the UK, Tesco managed to get them themselves some free publicity on the BBC news website over bananas. Apparently their inner city stores (due to increased rents) are now charging by the banana rather than weight. Effectively this means the price of said bananas has increased from between 10 and 15p […]

Where are Nikon and Canon aiming?

Where are Nikon and Canon aiming? High end mirrorless, high price, low volume or will they go the other way and have a low price high volume offering? Putting aside the lens mount argument (which is already decided we just don’t know what it is yet), another decision to make is which end of the […]

It’s not just Nikon

Apparently it’s not just Nikon that gets flack for incremental upgrades to their bodies. Canon appear to have incurred the wrath of their followers too. If you believe comments posted about the new Canon 6D markII. They seem to be very similar to the negative posts Nikon receive. It doesn’t matter what camera in the […]