Just for the sake of it

Have you ever done anything just for the sake of it? At this time of year photography opportunities are limited. Either by weather or poor light. This tends to make me spend a bit more time at a keyboard and screen. That leads onto me looking at the design of the TMMA website. Anybody that […]

Life gets in the way

Life gets in the way….. of all sorts of things. But just recently it’s got in the way of my ability to take photos. Now don’t get me wrong, I consider myself extremely fortunate and this is in a photographic context. Ive done a lot less photography in the last couple of months than I would […]

You never know what you’ll come across

You never know what you’ll come across as a visit to the local coastal town proves. It was a gloomy overcast December day and I thought I’d take my son out for a drive and maybe find something interesting to photograph. After having lunch out we had a walk down the seaside promenade. Apart from […]

It’s a balancing act

It’s a balancing act these days. My new found interest in Astrophotography has resulted in a new found interest in the weather. Keeping an eye out for clear nights is now something I do more often. The balancing bit comes in with fitting the odd clear night around family commitments. According to the weather forecast […]

It’s bananas I tell ya!

It’s bananas…. Here in the UK, Tesco managed to get them themselves some free publicity on the BBC news website over bananas. Apparently their inner city stores (due to increased rents) are now charging by the banana rather than weight. Effectively this means the price of said bananas has increased from between 10 and 15p […]

New pictures added to Eyes Down Gallery

There’s some new pictures added to the Eyes Down gallery here. Here is an example:   My son Andrew takes all the images in the Eyes Down gallery.  He has Down Syndrome and some communication difficulties but enjoys going out and taking pictures with his father. He is also has a gift to make people […]

Eyes Down gallery now open

I’ve added a new gallery to the website and called it Eyes Down. This gallery contains photos taken by son. Andrew is 21 years old has Down Syndrome and likes taking photos. The images he creates mean something to him. It’s both interesting and illuminating to have this small insight into his world. You can […]

Do we need creative constraints?

With everything else we have to contend with, do we really need creative constraints as well? Leading on from my losing your creative mojo post, I thought it would be good to have a look at whether we should impose creative constraints on ourselves. Why do we want to make things harder, isn’t life hard […]


A few days ago I got photobombed. It was a nice warm sunny day ( yes we do get those in Wales), so I decided to see if the dragonflies were taking advantage of the weather. I have a couple of places I go locally so I picked one to see if anything was around. […]

Minimalism and photography

Minimalism and photography. Do they go together? When people think of minimalism they tend to think of having to sort out their stuff and get rid of it. If you follow The Minimalists you will get a much better idea of the concept. Everybody has their own interpretation of something they read and what they […]

Strong, stable

Strong, stable – that was the election message from the Conservatives in the recent election campaign. The PM took a gamble. While still in power it didn’t yield the expected result. For a lot of people this weeks UK general election result wasn’t what they were hoping for either. OK enough about politics, what has […]

Normal service will resume shortly

I’ve been neglecting blog posts lately. This is due to life getting in the way (again:) ). I’ve recently landscaped our back garden after agreement with SWMBO* as to what we should do. It took us a while to decide due to the gradient and length of the garden. We have a steep slope in […]