What’s Tmma Photography about?

Tmma Photography features images taken around the UK. Including landscapes from Scotland and Wales,  macro photos of insects and plants and the 12 Pics series – a dozen pictures on such varied themes as Skara Brae in Orkney to Ullswater in Cumbria to Roman ruins.

There’s quite a variety here. Who takes all these pictures?

All the images on this site are taken by a nice bloke called Mark (and sometimes his even nicer wife 🙂 ).  His time is taken up (in no particular order) being a husband, parent, carer and photographer. Back in 1983 his close friend Chris (who is now pointing his camera at the big landscape in the sky), not only encouraged him to pick up a camera but also introduced  the ‘magic’ of developing and printing. Over the years several darkrooms have ensued, developing films from 1/2 frame, 35mm and medium format equipment.

The Eyes Down gallery is a recent addition containing a selection of images taken by my son who has Down Syndrome.


Kodak DC200
Kodak DC200

OK nice to meet you Mark. How did you get into digital?

Thanks for dropping by! By 1999 I embraced digital photography with a one megapixel Kodak digital camera, the DC200. Someone I worked with showed me one. I was hooked. No space consuming darkroom and nasty chemicals required. Instead of feeling like a mole, processing could be done at a computer.

Nikon D70
Nikon D70

By 2004 I acquired my first DSLR, a Nikon D70. Both cameras are still in working order and kept for sentimental reasons. The D70 can still produce acceptable results. The DC200 not so much.



Where do you take all these pictures?

I’m fortunate in a couple of respects. I end up ‘exploring’ the UK, sometimes through travelling and sometimes on holiday. I’m also lucky enough to live fairly close to several nature reserves and various woods. Between seeing family and where I live, most of the time there is more than enough to point a camera at. Perhaps the only limiting factor is the weather.

Can we use these images?

Of Course! Most of the images on this site are available for business, commercial or educational purposes. Just drop us a quick email  here  and we’ll sort it out.

Is it OK to link to an article/ post / image on this site?

Sure it is. I won’t ask for a donation or even a coffee (black if your offering), just a working link to this site.

What’s the blog about?

The blog pages offer my thoughts on equipment I use, techniques, locations and general commentary on the world of photography. This is from a hobbyist / enthusiast point of view.  If you find it helpful, great, if not move on. There will be no judgement 🙂

These pictures aren’t too bad: you must have a good camera!

Heard the one about the cook who had a good oven? 🙂

There are certain situations where specialist (and expensive) gear will make getting a good shot easier. For most of us, most us of the time the gear isn’t the limiting factor. Sure marketing departments tell you otherwise, but don’t believe them. The only time you really need to upgrade is if your equipment stops you getting the shot.  Before going all magpie and getting that shiny new bit of kit think if a workshop or travel experience may be more beneficial. You might surprise yourself!

The equipment I use for all the pictures on this site is quite modest. I’m not a gear head. I prefer to get out and take pictures whenever I can. I am currently using a combination of ‘older generation’ mirrorless and DSLR together with a smartphone. A 24mp camera is more than enough for what I currently do. Indeed, a lot of the shots on this site have been taken on 10 or 16mp cameras.


Whatever equipment you use and subjects you shoot – enjoy yourself. It’s your journey. You decide.

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(Some of the content on this site was previously published on Cymrucaptures.co.uk).