Tmma Photography features images taken around the UK, everything from mountains to dragonflies.

An exclusive 12 Pics gallery contains a dozen digital depictions on a theme. Diverse subjects cover Orkney off the Scottish coast to Welsh castles.

The macro gallery has a variety of subjects. Some taken on specialist lenses, some with a simple close up adapter. Landscapes, wildlife and more general photography also have their own galleries.

Eyes Down is a collection of photos taken by my son who has Down Syndrome. He quite likes going out with his camera, capturing scenes different to his Dad.

I currently use DX and CX* format cameras from Nikon.  Smartphones are for those times when a camera gets in the way – i.e the wife says not again! 🙂

The blog posts offer thoughts into locations and my views on photography. Sometimes it’s just life in general.


(for those unfamiliar with  Nikon  DX=APS-C format and CX=1” sensor)