Welcome to TMMA Photography, a website featuring  macro, landscape, wildlife and general images from the United Kingdom and beyond. All shot on crop sensor cameras.

All the pictures on this site can be found in Albums. The 12 Pics series contains a set of a dozen images on a particular subject or location including Skara Brae in Orkney, Welsh Castles, Rome and Pisa. In the macro album we have a variety of pictures including dragonflies, bees  and flowers, Landscapes , wildlife and a more general collection have their own sections. Eyes Down features a range of photos taken by son who has Down Syndrome. He likes going out with his camera and capturing scenes different to his Dad.

This site is about taking photos rather than reviewing gear.

All the images on this website are created with older generation crop sensor cameras. This includes 1” (Nikon CX), micro thirds and APS-C (Nikon DX). The CX and micro four thirds are mirrorless. DX are Nikon DSLRs. A handful of lenses compliment each mount. The only specialist lens I have is a macro lens. Sometimes I just use a Raynox close up adapter which can produce some very acceptable results and takes up hardly any space.

Smartphones have their place and can be handy when you want a camera but don’t want to carry a bag full of gear.