Tmma Photography features images taken around the UK, everything from mountains to dragonflies.

An exclusive 12 Pics gallery contains a dozen digital depictions on a theme. Diverse subjects cover Orkney off the Scottish coast to Welsh castles.

The macro gallery has a variety of subjects. Some taken on specialist lenses, some with a simple close up adapter. Landscapes, wildlife and more general photography also have their own galleries.

Eyes Down is a collection of photos taken by my son who has Down Syndrome. He quite likes going out with his camera, capturing scenes different to his Dad.

Don’t make it about Gear

I currently use ‘older generation’ DX and CX* format cameras from Nikon, together with a very modest range of half a dozen lenses. Smartphones are for those times when a camera gets in the way – i.e the wife says not again! 🙂

You may not have a lot to spend on equipment but don’t let that hold you back. Good gear can be had these days without spending a fortune (or selling a family member).

Get outside enjoy the fresh air and create images that YOU are happy with.

The blog posts offer thoughts into locations and my views on photography. Sometimes it’s just life in general.


(for those unfamiliar with  Nikon  DX=APS-C sensor and CX=1” sensor)