Hello and welcome to TMMA Photography. This is a personal website featuring my take on macro, landscape, wildlife and general images taken in the United Kingdom and beyond.

All the pictures on this site are organised into Albums. The 12 Pics series contains a set of a dozen images on a subject or location including Skara Brae in Orkney, Welsh Castles, Rome and Pisa. In the macro album we have a variety of pictures including dragonflies, bees  and flowers, Landscapes , wildlife and a more general collection have their own sections. Eyes Down features a range of photos taken by my son who has Down Syndrome. He likes going out with his camera and capturing scenes different to his Dad. He has a thing for trees and is very particular.

I use a range of older generation crop sensor cameras with a handful of lenses for my photography. You can pick up some very decent cameras if you don’t need the mega pixels. Lets face it most of us dont. Some of my favourite canvas prints at 18 x 24″ came from a 10mp DSLR. Once they are on the wall nobody can tell. Only a photographer will want to know the camera and lens used 🙂

Smartphones are handy when you want a camera but don’t want a bag full of gear, they are also good for posting to social media and for the ‘digital only’ albums on a phone or tablet. Camera manufacturers seem slow to catch on with the whole sharing thing.

The Blog contains my musings on subjects, locations, photography and life in general. The blog page can be found here.