Welcome to TMMA Photography, a website featuring landscapes, macro and general images taken in the UK.

The  12 Pics Series contains a dozen digital depictions on a theme or subject, such as Skara Brae in Orkney, Welsh Castles and the Lake District.

In the macro album we have a variety of pictures including dragonflies, bees and flowers. Landscapes, wildlife and a more general collection have their own sections.

Eyes Down features a range of photos taken by son who has Down Syndrome. He likes going out with his camera and capturing scenes different to his Dad.

I currently use ‘older generation’ digital cameras from Nikon, together with a very modest range of half a dozen lenses. Smartphones are for those times when a camera gets in the way – i.e the wife says not again! 🙂

The blog posts offer thoughts into locations, my views on the world of photography or sometimes just life in general.